Study in New Zealand

A multicultural nation, which cordially invites students receive education, New Zealand is a beautiful place for a person to be in. The country, nowadays has a diverse population, from people across the globe, mainly Europe and Asia. A famous place for tourists, New Zealand has gained an enormous spot in being one of the highly visited tourist places. Apart from its scenic beauty, the citizens are very welcoming and amiable. Being a gem of a culture, New Zealand is also known as the hub of education.

There isa plethora of courses available in New Zealandranging from academics, polytechnics, professional and vocational.

The Colleges attractstudents from all around the world because of their high-class education and infrastructure, mainly from India, South Africa, Japan, Australia, etc. New Zealand guarantees the students a perfect future with the right balance of academics and overall growth.

Visa Process

New Zealand is a multicultural nation with top amenities in terms of education. Gaining a spot amongst the highest visited tourist spots, New Zealand has now started becoming a hub for further education.


Students opting to study in NZ are required to show some amount to INZ for a proof that they can actually bear the cost of their education. If they are not able to, then the phenomenon of FTS comes into action.

Income & Expense

Being a student in NZ, you can surely work as a part-time employee during the ongoing semester, and can work as a full-time employee during vacations. Through this a student can bear his/her living expenses there.

Work Visa

Working after your qualification in NZ, you are allotted a period of 12 months to find a suitable job. If at all you get the job, you can be eligible of the visa for post-study work in NZ.

According to Immigration New Zealand, a good student means the following:
  • Good academic history.
  • The gap after the period of study should not be more than 12 months (a year).
  • IELTS score of at least 6.0, or evidence of having met the English language entry requirements for the course of study in New Zealand.
  • Verifiable evidence of funds to meet the educational expenses.
  • Regular source of sufficient income of financial guarantors.
  • Intended course relevant to educational background or work experience.
  • Clear health and character requirement.

If you possess all the qualities in the above criteria, you are counted in the "Positive Profile" by the Immigration New Zealand. Process of visa for the candidates who fall under this category becomes easy.